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Where to find Jordan 1 High Reps

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2022 10:37 am
by Dunkskicks
This shoe was released alongside a collection of clothes including track jackets, track pants, hoodies, and tees that (you guessed it right) are sold out long ago. Also, for those of you that didn’t know, the term Cactus Jack came from Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack records. Now let us dive into the beautiful details of the shoe. When the Air Jordan 1 was created, there was not that much actual tech out there for basketball shoes. Nike changed this by incorporating Air technology in the midsole. Theoretically, this would help with cushioning.
The reality is that previous Nike hoops shoes such as the Air Force have a lot more of that “air” feeling in the midsole. Although the tech is there on the AJ1, that isn’t why the sneaker was good for basketball at the time.
Unlike the AF1, provides a slim midsole with more court feel. This makes them similar to the Converse and Adidas models that Michael Jordan initially wanted to wear. The goal of the Jordan 1 High Reps was not only to make a great hoops shoe, but also to sell MJ on Nike.
Of course, more than 30 years later, way better tech exists for playing basketball. The Air Jordan 1 is intended for casual wear at this point, much like many other retro sneakers. Still, in a pinch, the AJ1’s court feel, traction and ankle support can still function as a decent shoe for ball.