FR is Field Report not Fictional Report

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FR is Field Report not Fictional Report

Post by Whackwhack » Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:23 am

The functions of an FR for me are three things:
  • To guide us GMs on future engagements
    To give feedback to the host on their level of service
    As a venue to thank the host and/or thera for a job well done
As a guide, the FR must be as objective as possible. If you simply post FRs to praise the thera and make her feel good, then it becomes a Fictional Report. A lot of the GMs may not be as financially strong as the others and they save their hard-earned money to experience a memorable service. That is why it is important for the FR to really be a Field and not a Fictional Report.

How many times have you experienced reading raving and fantastic FRs for a particular thera. You save your money, cut on some unnecessary expenses, maybe skip a meal or two just so you will have the funds for your next escapade. But upon seeing the thera, you suddenly realize that the things you have read are just too fictional and is very far from reality.

Some hosts even post pictures of theras dug from the deep end of the photo library, pictures taken when gasoline was still a dollar to the gallon, just to make her look awesome.

As a feedback tool, an objective FR allows the thera and the host at the same time to see their level of service. If a thera who may be giving less than acceptable level of service is given raving reviews, she may never know she falls short on expectations and therefore believe that she is doing things right.

As a venue to thank the host or thera, it is a good way also for GMs to thank the host (spa or mp) and the thera. They are trying their best too to make your experience as memorable as possible.

So FRs are important for us GMs, and they are the ones that make becoming part of groups like this fun, enjoyable, and functional. So GMs, always remember, FRs are Field Reports and not Fictional Reports. Let us make it as close to reality as possible so we can improve the industry we have learned to love.

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